Beware of Scamsters like ‘INGIC’: Choose your development company wisely

With the advent of e-commerce, more and more businesses are shifting to the
digital industry to benefit themselves as well as their customers. There are
numerous mobile applications and website development companies all over the
globe that help these businesses undergo the process of digitalization. Even though
the online platform has made way for overseas dealings to occur with ease, there
are several risk factors involved, because you may not directly know the team
working for you.

Thus doing a thorough background check before choosing the right development
company is very crucial for any business in order to avoid being scammed by a
number of fake companies such as ‘INGIC’ who take the advantage of the
opportunity, by winning over the trust of their clients alongside keeping their
original identity under cover. Instead of helping in establishing a strong digital
base, scamsters like ‘INGIC’ are specialized in shattering your expectations of
having a competent website or mobile application that can attract more customers.
Thus it is evident that you should conduct proper researches and investigations
before selecting the right website or app creator and designer for your business.
‘INGIC’ is one of the recent examples of a mobile app and web development scam
that has left its clientele gravely disappointed. The company claims to be
headquartered in USA and is a digital agency offering expertise in development
solutions to excite people. However the malicious company deems to have its
presence in various places across the world such as Canada, Dubai etc. ‘INGIC’
has undoubtedly followed the footsteps of its mother company, ‘AXACT Pakistan’
which has been globally recognized for exhibiting the biggest digital scandal ever,
of selling fake degrees and theses to students.

‘INGIC’ has left no stone unturned in cheating their customers by making their
employees use fake American names to sound more authentic such as an employee
named ‘Fatih Khan’ speaks to the clients as ‘Dexter Jhonson’ while ‘Ali Farhat’
introduces himself as ‘Alex Newton’. The team is well-trained in seeking the
attention of their clients through unavoidable marketing gimmicks. Further they
allure their customers through their fake sophisticated website and provide links to
their bogus ever-praising social media pages. Quite slyfully, they do not share any information with the clients regarding their Skype ids or personal ids, photographs,
scan copy of their trading license, corporate address in USA and never indulge in
video conversations or one-on-one meetings that can reveal their real identities.
However customers fall prey to them because of their high skilled sales techniques.
Apart from INGIC the mother company ‘AXACT Pakistan’ has several other
fraud companies under its purview such as the ‘Flightsticketcorp’, ‘www.air-’, ‘logo geez’ and ‘Infiniti Logo Design’.

So if you don’t want to be one among the many victims of such scam companies,
always ensure that you get your facts right before approaching anyone.