6 Tips to set up your own Web design company

If you are working as a Web designer then the whole idea of starting your own Web design company can be quite tempting. However the below factors should help you start your business journey.


  • Adjust your mindset to shift your focus from a full- time Web designer to a part time manager and part time designer.
  • Set up a clear Web design company portfolio by building reputation for indulging in a certain kind of work though you can have some variations.
  • Create a complete financial model (startup and ongoing costs along with average revenue assumptions.)
  • Market your new venture through various effective mediums to be able to spread the word and attract clients.
  • If you are low on finances and cannot hire full time employees initially, consider outsourcing individual assignments to other freelance Web designers who will work on project basis.


Alongside setting up your business, continue working on personal projects so as to show your new clients about your expertise and knowledge in web design.