Android Developer vs IOS Developer

In today’s times, it is a no-brainer that Android and IOS are the most popular mobile operating systems across the world. With so many mobile app makers, let’s see a few basic differences between an android developer and an iOS developer.

  1. For starters, the language used for coding used by an android developer is Java while an IOS developer uses Swift and Objective-C.
  2. The Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) used by an android developer is Android Studio and an iOS developer uses XCode.
  3. Mobile app builders need to invest $25 to be registered as an android developer whereas to upload your application on iOS you need to pay nearly $100.
  4. An android developer can update an application within a couple of hours whereas a mobile app creator for iOS has to wait for a couple of weeks to update the app.

If you wish to become a mobile app maker for mobile app development companies like India mobile company and mobile app development Dubai, it is a good idea to have clarity about the above mentioned differences.