Is an Android Phone and a Smartphone the Same or Different? The Basic you Should Know About Before you Become an Android Developer

There are tons of questions and things you need to consider before choosing a career and if you are looking to be an android developer or mobile app creator in mobile app development companies like India mobile company and mobile app development Dubai, it is only fair that you start at the basic and understand the difference between an android and a smart phone.

A Smartphone –

Apart from having the fundamental features of a phone, a smartphone can access and search the internet, click photos, take and make videos, give directions, access emails, become a record player etc etc. There is no end to a smartphone’s amazing attributes. It is like having a pocket computer.

An Android Phone –

An android phone is a smartphone that works on the operating system built by Google.

Now while all android phones are smartphones, all smartphones are not android phones. That is because there are many types of smartphones that run on different operating systems.

With this piece of simple information you can decide whether to become an android developer, an iOS developer or a mobile app builder.