Difference Between Android and IOS Developer

With mobile app builder jobs on the rise it is imperative to know how android and iOS developers differ. With so many mobile app development companies like India mobile company and app development Dubai, wanting to make a future as an iOS developer or an android developer is a good idea. Android and iOS development are the two main platforms mobile app creators build their applications on for smartphones and other electronic devices.

Following are a few differences between the two –

  1. They differ in their programming languages. Android developers use Java whereas iOS developers use Swift and Objective-C.
  2. Their target audiences are different.
  3. Google Play does not generate revenue from buying apps whereas App Store does.
  4. App Store review team has an actual person going through your applications and its workings whereas Google Play depends on automated tests.
  5. The design guidelines for both are different.

This is basically how you can differentiate between the workings of an iOS developer and an android developer.