Why the India Mobile Company is the Most Preferred Globally?

A recent research proved that businesses willing to develop apps are keen on selecting an Indian mobile company in comparison to all the other mobile app development companies in the world. The strong demand for Indian Android developers is rooted in their cost effectiveness.

The India mobile company is 10x cheaper in app development

The Resource cost is the most significant app development cost. On an average (working 8 hours a day), it takes about 7 weeks (3 weeks on back end and 4 weeks on front end) to complete a project which accounts to 280 hours. In US the hourly rate of a Mobile app creator is $150 whereas in India it is $15. So in these terms the cost of the mobile app development in US would be $42000 while the same project would cost only $4200 in India. No wonder businesses across the world are attracted to develop their apps in India.

Why is the app development cost in India cheap?

  • The developer community in India is tremendously emerging and is all set to reach 4 million by the year 2018 – the largest in the world.
  • The rapidly growing app ecosystem gives way for more competition and innovation.

With the increase in the number of smartphone users in India, the Indian Mobile app builders are equipped to smoothly adapt to the constantly changing consumer preferences and trends.