The Key Players in a Web Design Company

Behind every successful Web design company is a dedicated teamwork. The Web development and design team comprises of people with specific skills that add some value at every stage and result in a successful outcome. Thus every web design project should consist of the following team members:


  • Marketing Strategist acts as a liaison between the client and the Web development team by setting the right expectations, tracking work progress and setting realistic deadlines.
  • UX Designer designs the website strategy by conducting research and developing site concepts and templates.
  • Content Specialist is responsible for the content creation of the website to persuade the users through his/her writing skills.
  • Website Developer is very crucial to any Web design company, as he ensures that the strategy, design and content are all put together by developing codes to create the website.


Editor ensures that the final product – the website is working and error-free along with complying with the brand guidelines.