How to Maintain a Systematic yet Fair Payment Policy with your Developer?

Any business is a game of money. The power of money is such that it can help you get the work done as well as encourage you to work hard for it. Always remember the more advances you pay out, you lessen your position of authority. Thus the following payment terms will ensure that you receive timely quality work.

  • Offer a 10% advance – The developers will always demand you for a 20% or even 40% stating that the workload is much. However you stick to your clause because it’s important for you to understand their quality and pace of work before making huge payments.
  • Release 15% after the submission and approval of the full design of the User Interface (UI).
  • Post the Prototype version; that is the UI Navigation App, release 10%.
  • After 50% of the work is completed and is functioning smoothly without any bugs – The Alpha Version, pay out 25% of the payment.
  • Release another 25% post the Beta Version which is 100% project completion.
  • You can pay the balance 15% after the testing phase, quality assurance check, de-bugging and the final publishing of the app or website.