Mistakes an Android Developer Should be Careful not to Make

With the booming mobile phone industry and growth of mobile app development companies like mobile app development Dubai, it is no surprise that the job of an android developer is extremely popular. Android developers or mobile app builders develop applications for gadgets that work on the android operating system and therefore need to constantly keep themselves updated with the latest technologies.

However, while designing and creating new mobile applications, there are certain common errors that mobile app creators should stay away from making.

  1. Developing for iOS
  2. Avoiding intents and fragments
  3. Writing your own code
  4. Obstructing main thread
  5. Understanding bitmaps and their importance
  6. Building applications that are ineffective for low bandwidth
  7. Eating up too much of the users’ battery power
  8. Neglecting to test your applications on different devices.

Keeping the above in mind will definitely help you become a successful android developer.