How much does a Web design Dubai Project Cost?

The most common question bombarded to a Web design Dubai Company is how much would it cost to design a new website in Dubai? Even though there are several Web design companies within the smart city, the price of any Web design Dubai project is negotiated on the basis of certain key factors which are as follows:


  • Website Size: The number of pages on a website determines the size of the website and therefore its cost. (AED 15000 – 30000 for a basic corporate website of 15 – 20 pages)
  • Website Features: The number and variety of features that you want to present on the website. (Image or text based vs hand drawn or designed pages)
  • User Traffic: The number of users expected to visit the website.
  • Technology: The type of technology used by the Web design Dubai Company to create the website such as, PHP etc.
  • Marketing: There are various marketing strategies such as the use of email marketing, CRM, Automation or Personalization and each incurs a different cost.
  • Content: The cost also depends upon whether you will be providing the content to the Web design Dubai agency or you expect their team to formulate a competent content for you.