10 Best Tips to choose the Right Mobile App developer or Website designer

Choosing the best development company can be very taxing. The below pointers should help:

  • Always ask for a scan copy of the company’s trading license to validate their authenticity.
  • Get the exact corporate address of the company and locate it through Google satellite to ensure it’s not a residential location.
  • Ask for a representative vendor ID.
  • Push for a video call through Skype or visit the company personally, if possible, before finalizing the deal.
  • Ask for photographs of the company and its workspace.
  • Ask for client references to check the credibility of their work.
  • Check their ranks and reviews online (especially on online consumer forums) but beware of bogus reviews.
  • Research on the origin of the company’s website and its establishment date.
  • Identify suspicious behaviours such as quoting a price way too low than the market price.
  • Validate their genuineness by enquiring about them from the affiliate embassy in your country. So if the company claims to be from UK, check with the UK embassy in your country.