Seal the Deal with the Best Mobile App and Web Developer – Follow the Matrix Approach!

If you are mind-boggled with the fact of having several well-researched development companies in hand and are unable to narrow down the list to pick that one best choice for your business, you should definitely consider preparing a matrix to serve as a good analytical tool.

Start by preparing an excel sheet with a 10 point matrix that includes all the chosen developers. You can start rating them on the following parameters:

  • The price quoted (it shouldn’t be too low)
  • The size of the company
  • Mediums of communication
  • Company’s experience and expertise
  • The level of understanding of your project.
  • Quality of mock-ups or samples – Always ask them to design at least a 2 page sample to get an idea of their quality of work.
  • Additional suggestions – You can always ask them to come up with their own ideas to make your app/website more engaging so as to understand their expertise and passion in work.
  • Duration of the service contract
  • Payment Modes

Use the above parameters to grade each company from 1-10 and then select which option seems the best and the most feasible as per your requirement.