Top 7 Web Development Trends that have Revolutionized the Web Landscape

The Web development trends have been rapidly changing to meet the consumer preferences. Thus currently the success of a Web development company greatly depends upon its adaptability to the following trends:

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence to develop software that can act as humans, provides a great user experience.
  2. Progressive web applications are trending in the recent times as they function like native mobile apps.
  3. Providing online customer service through chatbots.
  4. Static websites are becoming more popular over dynamic websites due to lower costs, and enhanced performance and speed.
  5. The use of Motion User Interface to add some life to your website in order to attract more users.
  6. The Mobile app creators achieved huge success through developing push app notifications. Thus its implementation in Web development has led to great user engagement.
  7. Offer simplicity through Single Page websites that help the users navigate the website in ease by just scrolling down the page instead of browsing through complex multi-level menus.