Web Designer vs Web Developer

Though the aspects of web designing and developing may seem similar, there is obviously a distinction between the two. Let’s see how a web designer is different from a web developer.

Role of a Web Designer –

A web designer builds and designs everything that is related to visual characteristics that a user sees on their phone and computer screens. The job of a web designer is to bring their creative and imaginative skills to life by working with graphics. They do so through use of pictures, colours, layout and typography.

Role of a Web Developer –

A web developer, on the other hand, works on the technical side and needs to have knowledge of various web languages like java, HTML, CSS etc to create the codes that make websites work. They are required to hold degrees in fields like computer programming and computer science.

However, though web designing and web development are different, they both work towards creating the same thing – a web application or website that appeals to users like web design Dubai.